Does Prostate Cancer Mean the End of a Man’s Sex Life?


Prostate cancer is a serious diagnosis that can sometimes mean radical life changes. But, as the doctors are the Physicians ED Center can tell you, prostate cancer does not mean the end of a man’s sex life. Even after successful cancer treatments have left patients unable to get an erection, under the right care you can still have an active sex life.

Customized ED Treatments

Often one of the only erectile dysfunction treatments men are familiar with is the pill advertised on every televised sporting event. Often, these pills will not work for men who have lost the ability to have an erection as a complication from prostate cancer treatments.

There are many other treatments for this condition available. The Physicians ED Center is not like other clinics. The doctors and staff are focused on men’s health issues. Doctors talk with patients and gather complete medical histories before even beginning treatment. The clinic creates customized treatment plans, not one-size fits all solutions.

Many of the patients have successfully been able to have an erection, even after a prostrate cancer diagnosis.

Importance of Sexual Health

Sexual activity is an important part of a healthy life. While prostate cancer is a serious condition that deserves your upmost attention, you do not have to choose between fighting the disease and continuing to have a sex life.

Healthy sexual activity is important to men of any age. Studies have shown that sexual activity can reduce depression, strengthen relationships, and improve life spans.

If you do not take care of your sexual health, you are neglecting an important part of your overall well-being.

Fast Results

The Physicians ED Center knows that you are confronted with a lot of noise and information about erectile dysfunction every day. That is why the center guarantees you will experience an erection after just one treatment, or the visit is free.

When all the resources of a clinic are focused on a single condition, most patients find they get better treatment and faster results than when working with their general practice doctor.

The center is focused on providing a clinic where you feel comfortable, where your condition and identity are confidential, and most importantly where you can get results fast.

When you needed treatment for prostate cancer you worked with a specialist. Shouldn’t you take your sexual health just as seriously? Contact the team at the Physicians ED clinic to see how they can help you regain your sex life after a prostate cancer diagnosis. Call (800) 924-5470 for some free information or visit the website at

Why Do Most Doctors Know So Little About Erectile Dysfunction?


If you’ve ever tried to talk to your doctor about erectile dysfunction you may have been surprised to find out that they didn’t know much more than you did about it. The typical response is prescribing a well-known pill or to tell you can’t take a pill because of some other health issue. Why don’t doctors know more about this common men’s health issue?

Medicine is an Industry of Specialists

The human body is incredibly complex. Researchers and doctors are constantly making new discoveries about how our own bodies work. Even though many doctors go to school for a decade or more, there is simply too much information to keep up on all of it. That is why there are so many specialists. The doctors at the Physicians ED Center all specialize in erectile dysfunction and other men’s health issues.

Your regular doctor is a general practitioner. He or she diagnoses the common illnesses and then passes you off to a specialist for issues that require deeper knowledge of a particular system or organ.

Getting the Right Treatment

Another problem is that not all doctors appreciate the importance of a healthy and active sex life to men of all ages. Some doctors are willing to give up and just tell patients there is no hope or that they are too old for sex. The Physicians ED Center was created to help patients get the treatment they need when their own doctors were out of ideas.

Erectile Dysfunction is not like some infection where you can just take some pills and get rid of the problem. The causes of erectile dysfunction are complex and not the same for every patient. The doctors and staff at the Physicians ED Center work on treating individual patients.

Each patient is given a thorough medical history screening. The patients are matched to the treatment that will work best for their individual condition. The doctors have a thorough understanding of all the issues that lead to erectile dysfunction and have more tools at their disposal than a general practice physician.

If your doctor is out of ways to help you with your erectile dysfunction, there is hope. Reach out to the Physicians ED Center by calling (800) 924-5470 to get some free information about your treatment options. Visit the website at to see how you can get your sex life back. The sooner you get help the sooner you can get your sex life back.

What the Urologist Doesn’t Want You to Know About Penile Implant

Penile implants are often presented to men as the solution to their erectile dysfunction when the regular pills don’t work or are simply not an option. Penile implants are most often used by men between the ages of 65 and 74. But, these medical devices are not the perfect solution for everyone. The staff at the Physicians ED Center focus in treating men’s health issues like erectile dysfunction. They have many tools to help patients, without having to perform surgery. There are a few things that your Urologist might not want you to know about penile implants.

Complications and Other Options

Penile implants require a surgical procedure. This means that in addition to the possible side effects and complications of the device, you also have all the risks of a surgical procedure. The biggest risk of any surgery is an infection. Patients over age 65 are among the most vulnerable to post-surgical infections.

The penile implant itself may cause an infection. Other possible risks include:

  • The device may malfunction requiring another surgery to remove and replace the device
  • The device may stick to the skin inside the penis
  • The devise may wear away the skin from the inside of the penis

All of these risk factors also increase the risk of a serious infection. While the record of penile implants may be improving, they may not really be your last resort.

There are many treatment options beyond the major erectile dysfunction pills you see advertised on TV. Your urologist may have only tried one or two types of drugs before recommending a penile implant. The team at the Physicians ED Center has successfully treated men who are not able to take, or who never responded to, drugs like Viagra.

Financial Incentives for Penile Implants

The way your urologist is paid may depend on what he is doing. Typically, the time spent in an operating room is paid at a higher rate than time spent in the exam room talking about pills and other erectile dysfunction treatments. Many urologists have financial incentives to recommend a penile implant over alternative treatments.

The Physicians ED Center uses medications and treatments that are different than the standard options presented to you by your urologist. The center is so confident in their treatments that it guarantees a patient will have an erection after one visit or the visit is free.

Before you agree to have surgery and take on the risks of a penile implant, contact the Physicians ED Center by calling (800) 924-5470 to understand what your options are. Visit the website., today and discover how you can get the fast, safe results you need.

How Can Older Men Keep the Spice in Their Sex Life?

Part of living a healthy life includes an active sex life. While what counts as an active sex life may change as we get older, sex is still important to living a longer, happier life. The doctors at the Physicians ED Center are committed to helping men get the most out of their sex life at every age. Sometimes as we get older it can be difficult to keep things interesting in the bedroom. Here are five tips for keeping the spice in your sex life.

  1. Start Outside the Bedroom

If you want to get your partner in the mood, spend more time connecting outside of the bedroom. Hold hands, say “I love you”, call or text for no reason other than to see how your partner is doing. By working an improving communication and intimacy, sex will be more passionate, meaningful, and often more frequent.

  1. Stay Active

You don’t have sex the same way you did in your twenties or thirties. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be incredible. Sex is part of a healthy lifestyle. The way you live the rest of your life affects your sex life. Get active. Taking a short daily walk will give you more energy in the bedroom. Sex will be better if it isn’t the only physical activity you are getting. Dr. Michael Trombley, MD, Board Certified Physician, and Medical Director of the Physicians ED Center advocates men be as physically active as their health allows.

  1. New is Exciting

New experiences can open up the pleasure centers in our brains. The same sex in a different place can feel exciting and exhilarating. Try new things. This can be whatever you are your partner are comfortable with. Have sex in a different room, try different positions, or even try adding background music or scented candles. The only real limits are your imagination.

  1. Talk About It

Talking with your partner about what they like and don’t like about sex will immediately improve your sex life. For many, just talking about sex can fuel passion and provide some spice to the bedroom. The better you each understand each others bodies, needs, and desires the better your sex life will be.

  1. Develop a Code

There are no rules about what time of day you can and cannot have sex. Develop a secret code with your partner to signal when either one of you would like to leave a situation and go somewhere private and make love. This will strengthen your bond, and may even have you feeling like teenagers again. Being spontaneous is an easy way to add some spice to your sex life at any age.

The Physicians ED Center wants you to make your sexual health as much a part of your regular routine as your physical and emotional health.

You are never too old for sex. If you are struggling with mild or frequent forms of erectile dysfunction reach out to the Physicians ED Center. Contact them at

(800) 924-5470 or visit their website at Your information and condition will be kept strictly confidential. Contact them now. Your health may depend on it.

Seven Common Signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction affects over 30 million men in the United States. This common men’s health issue is often difficult to talk about. The Physicians ED Center is focused on helping men of all ages and with all manner of other health issues overcome erectile dysfunction and lead healthy, active sex lives. Below are seven of the most common signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. If you suffer from any of these you should seek medical help right away.

  1. Inability to Get Erection Regularly

Every man occasionally has trouble getting or maintaining an erection. But, if you notice this happening to you more often, or you regularly cannot get an erection you may have erectile dysfunction.

  1. Reduced Sex Drive

Our sex drive ebbs and flows as we age. Everything from diet and exercise to the amount of sleep we get a night can affect our sex drive. But, if you have noticed over a period of time you have less interest in sex, it may a sign of erectile dysfunction.

  1. Erection Fades Before Climax

If you are able to gain an erection, but are not able to sustain it until you reach climax, you may be suffering from a type of erectile dysfunction. The doctors at the Physicians ED Center can help you find the treatment that will work for you.

  1. Difficulty Achieving an Erection

If you are able to achieve an erection, but it takes longer and is more difficult than it used to be, this may be a symptom of erectile dysfunction. If you have erectile dysfunction it will not get better on its own.

  1. Inability to Get an Erection at All

One of the most frustrating symptoms of erectile dysfunction is the complete inability to get an erection at all. The doctors at the Physicians Ed Center are trained to help men overcome erectile dysfunction, no matter what the cause.

  1. Erection Not Firm Enough for Sexual Intercourse

Even if you are able to get and maintain an erection, if it is not firm enough for sexual intercourse, you could have a form of erectile dysfunction. A so-called “soft erection” is not just a normal sign of aging.

  1. Erection Harder to Achieve and Doesn’t Last Long Enough

When you have a combination of issues with your erection, such as having difficulty achieving an erection that then doesn’t last long enough for sexual climax, you most likely have erectile dysfunction.

You don’t have to live with erectile dysfunction. There are many safe and effective treatments. If you want to get back to a health, active sex life, contact the team at the Physicians ED Center today by calling (800) 924-5470 or visiting their website at

Clinics Help Men Keep Up With New Female Libido Pill

The recent news of a pill to help increase a woman’s sex drive, the so-called female libido pill, has many people excited about the dramatic changes it will make in their sex lives. However, one group of men is worried about the pill. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are afraid they will not be able to keep up with their partners, once they start taking the new pill. The Physicians ED Center, a nation wide network of clinics, is helping men with their erectile dysfunction so they can keep up with their partners new sex drive.

Importance of Sexual Health

While most articles and information about good health focus on diet and exercise, an active sex life is an important part of any man’s overall health. Men who have a healthy sex life are less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety and live longer than men without a healthy sex life.

The physical and emotional needs for your sex life may change as you grow older, but they do not go away. Men of all ages need sex as part of a balanced life.

The biggest risk to a healthy sex life is erectile dysfunction. In some couples, women have experienced a reduced sex drive. This has led many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to use their partner’s sex drive as an excuse not to get treatment. The Physicians ED Center is ready to help these men get the help they need as the women in their lives experience increased desire for sexual activity thanks to the new pill.

Fast Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

If you watch any TV at all you have seen thousands of ads over the years for different ED pills and treatments. However, many men cannot take these pills or they do not respond to these pills. There are many alternatives available.

The Physicians ED Center guarantees men will get an erection after one treatment or the visit is free. You don’t have to wait for a lengthy process or submit to multiple embarrassing visits to a public clinic to get the help you need.

Comfortable and Confidential

Every clinic in the network is focused on men’s health issues. The offices are designed to be comfortable for men, and to keep your condition and information confidential. If you have been too embarrassed before to get help, you now have a place you can go.

The sooner you contact the Physicians ED Center, the sooner you can get back in the swing of things with your sex life. Visit the website at or call the confidential number at (800) 924-5470 today to see how the doctors can help you.

Is Sex Safe After a Heart Attack

Did you know that one of the most frequently asked questions about heart attacks is when is it safe to have sex again? This is true in every age bracket. Sex is an important part of any man’s life. Even after suffering a serious heart attack, many men are anxious to return to an active sex life. This is good because an active sex life, along with diet and exercise, are part of a balanced, healthy life. The team at the Physicians ED Center is dedicated to men’s health issues and want to help you enjoy sex, no matter what your age or other health conditions may be.

The Truth About Heart Attacks and Sex

Heart attacks are traumatic experiences for most patients. The last thing anyone wants to do is have another one. But, for the vast majority of men, it is perfectly safe to have sex after a heart attack. Only 1% of all heart attacks are the result of sex.

If your doctor has cleared you for physical activity, it is safe to have sex again. Some doctors will say if you can undergo mild to moderate physical activity like walking briskly, you can have sex.

Most doctors do want patients to wait for any incisions to heal before engaging in sex. This has less to do with your heart and more to so with tearing incisions and risking an infection. The Physicians ED Center encourages men to talk to their doctor about their ability to have sex after a heart attack.

Problems With Erectile Dysfunction After a Heart Attack

Erectile dysfunction affects more than 30 million men in the United States. Sometimes cardiovascular disease or medicines to treat blood pressure or cholesterol can cause erectile dysfunction.

Some men are prescribed heart medications called nitrates after a heart attack. One of the big warnings with nitrates is not to take certain medications for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.

The Physicians ED Center has years of experience successfully helping patients on nitrates safely overcome erectile dysfunction. They use medications that work differently than the name brand drugs you see on TV.

If you have difficulty gaining or maintaining an erection, you may have erectile dysfunction. Let the doctors at the Physicians ED Center help you enjoy your sex life. Erectile dysfunction is very treatable. Call  (800) 974-5470 today for more information about a location near you. Visit the website at for free information about what the clinic can do for you.

Three Tips For a Healthy Sex Life

The doctors at the Physicians ED Center know that sex is more than just a physical act. A healthy sex life depends on a mixture of physical ability, emotional connection, and mental stimulation. Below are three tips to help you get the most out of your sex life, no matter what your age. According to Medical Director and Board Certified Physician Dr. Michael Trombley, MD, “When it comes to a healthy and fulfilling sex life, age is just a number.

  1. Change is Good

One thing sex should never be is boring. No medicine in the world will cure boredom. If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, do something different. This can mean anything from trying different positions to trying sex in a room that’s not the bedroom.

  1. Focus Your Senses

We all come to depend on our dominant senses, mostly sight and hearing. But, our other senses, touch, taste, and smell are very powerful. You can improve your sex life by stimulating different areas of the brain. Try activities that rely more on the senses of taste, touch, and smell. This will add a new layer of pleasure for you and your partner. Try taking turns blindfolding each other and feeding each other sweet and decadent deserts.

  1. Planning Ahead

Sometimes too much emphasis is placed on being spontaneous. While it may be fun to get swept away in the moment, there is something to be said for careful planning. If you take the time to plan out an elaborate seduction, both you and your partner will be happy with the results. Prepare a room with some soft, romantic music. Light a scented candle. Spread a few rose petals on the ground or on the bed. Your partner will be aroused and eager with the effort you put into making the encounter memorable. You may even want to plan ahead and make sure you have received your treatment from the Physicians ED Center so that everything is in prime working order.

If you feel that you sometimes miss out on a healthy sex life because of occasional or frequent issues with erectile dysfunction, you don’t just have to live with it. The doctors at the Physicians ED Center can help men get the most out of your sex life regardless of their age of medical history. Even if you’ve been to other doctors and been told there is nothing they can do, the Physicians ED Center guarantees you will have positive results after the first visit, or the visit is free. Contact them today at (800) 924-5470 You have the rest of your life waiting for you.

Sexual Health for Men in Their Golden Years is Now Possible

Did you know that according to the New England Journal of Medicine, 50% of people between 65 and 74 are sexually active? There is no such thing as too old for sex. Men entering their golden years who still want rich and fulfilling sex lives don’t have to let something like erectile dysfunction stop them. The Physicians ED Center, a national network of physicians, is one of the leading men’s sexual health treatment centers for men of all ages who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

ED is a Physical Problem, Not a Sexual One

Many men are embarrassed about their erectile dysfunction. They feel it somehow makes them less of a man. They don’t want to discuss it with their partners, and they are too humiliated to discuss it in detail with their doctor.

After successfully treating thousands of men for erectile dysfunction at the Physicians ED Center over the years, one fact has stood out. Erectile dysfunction is almost always a physical problem, not a sexual one. As men age many different things may affect their ability to get and hold an erection. Vascular disease is to blame for many cases of erectile dysfunction.

Men’s sexual health treatments are available for men of all ages who want to continue having an active sex life, even into their golden years.

The Importance of Sex at Any Age

Sexual activity isn’t a luxury. Sexual activity helps give purpose and meaning to our lives. It strengthens relationships and increases human bonding and intimacy.  Sexual health is part of the over all health and well-being of men, no matter how old.

Many patients at the Physicians ED Center have been told by other doctors that they were just too old for sex. Some of the patients are not able to take common prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction because of other medical conditions. But, the treatments at the Physicians ED Center involve custom blended prescription medication developed individually for each patient, and have been successful for most of these patients.

The focused and confidential nature of the center allows men to be comfortable getting the help they need. Many respond positively to the first treatment, allowing them to feel a surge of confidence and enjoy an active sex life with their partners.

The Physicians ED Center is so sure they can help you overcome your erectile dysfunction that they offer a simple guarantee: if you don’t respond to a free test dose of medication given to you in the office on your first visit, there’s no charge. With that guarantee, patients have nothing to lose.

Yes, you can have a healthy and fulfilling sex life, no matter what your age. The sooner you reach out for help, the sooner you too can be a success story instead of a statistic. Call for full information at (800) 924-5470

The Physiological Effects of ED in Senior Couples

The problem with young people is that they all think they invented sex. But senior couples know better. Sex is one of the few things in life that gets better with time. The physical pleasure is only heightened by the shared intimacy that knowing your partner for years can bring. But, as we age sometimes our bodies begin to betray us. We may still have a pulsing sex drive, but our bodies fail to respond as they once did. The doctors at the Physicians ED Center believe that sex is an important part of a happy, healthy lifestyle and can help address the physiological effects of ED.

Changing Lives

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction sometimes are too embarrassed to talk about it or deal with it. They may feel like they are letting their partner down or that they are losing their masculinity. This can lead to feelings of anger, resentment, and depression.

Many patients at the Physicians ED Center only came for help because of the insistence of their partners. The center, a national network of physicians, is focused on discretely and confidentially, helping men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The doctors meet with the patients and go over their complete medical histories, not just any problems in the bedroom. Most erectile dysfunction cases are caused by physical problems like vascular disease, and not sexual issues.

Men who have been successfully treated feel their confidence come back and no longer try and pull away from the person in their lives who loves them most.

Sex is Important to the Relationships of Senior Couples

Half of all people between the ages of 65 and 74 are sexually active. 25% of people between the ages of 75 to 85 are still sexually active. Sex brings couples of any age closer together and increases the overall health and happiness of both partners.

Many senior couples are involved in a new relationship. Sexual intimacy is vital to the growth and nurturing of these new relationships. There is no manmade or natural law that says someone is too old to have sex. The doctors at Physicians ED Center know how important sexual activity is to relationships at every stage and to couples of every age.

If erectile dysfunction is keeping you from the sexual intimacy you and your partner desire, it’s up to you to take action. Call the Physicians ED Center today at

(800)924-5470 and see how the medical professionals can help you with the physiological effects of ED and get back to living the life you were meant to. Don’t let anything stop you from the next time you are ready